Camp site

Tygegården is a perfect camp-site located in the hilly landscape between the nature reserve of Hagestad and Dag Hammarskjölds Backåkra. close to both baths in Baltic Sea, the forest and the hills with mileswide sight . As is belongs to Löderups scouts there are fireplaces, windshields and other places to camp and sleep outside if the weather is nice. 

The forest has several paths in different lenghts to suit every need. They are easy to utilize for group activities or just hiking around. The easiness to find around makes planning easy. The mixed forest with both leaf and pine trees creates many open, sunny clearings perfect for activities. There is also larger clearings with room for more spacious activities as football etc. 

Camping with many participants is easy in Tygegården as its built for scouting with approximately 50 participants. The kitchen, the dining room, the big meeting room and the sanitary rooms are all designed for approx 50 persons.




 Close to the main building of Tygegården there is a new scout-camp where it is possible to be inside but yet have the feeling of being in the forest. Knowing that you can plan for a camp even if the weather turns not to be favourable, is very safe and secure for you as a leader. 

A big room with large doors that can be opened to let the nature “come in” but still you sit in a weather safe surrounding.  An indoor fireplace will heat you up and give the feeling of camping in the forest. The building holds toilet and washroom if needed. 

The ScoutCamp (called ScoUthus in Swedish) can be rented separately or in combination with the rest of Tygegården. It is normally not contained in the standard rental agrement.